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Gore Verbinski is making a movie about a killer spa

Concept art for Verbinski's new film

Gore Verbinski, his nerves still frayed from directing The Lone Ranger, has made the positively Sandler-esque decision to combine the filming of his next movie with a trip to the spa. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Verbinski is currently developing A Cure for Wellness, the story of an office drone type who is sent to pick up his boss from a European “wellness spa,” only to discover that both he and his boss are trapped there, and at this spa, “R&R” stands for repugnance and ruination. (You can use that one if you want, Gore.)

Verbinski has already cast The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Dane DeHaan as the lead, as well as Nymphomaniac: Volume II’s Mia Goth in an unknown role. A Cure for Wellness—which we assume will be an homage to the ’80s “aerobic horror” subgenre, consisting of 1989’s Death Spa and 1987’s Killer Workout—will be Verbinski’s first horror film since 2002’s The Ring.


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