As part of Gordon Ramsay's ongoing effort to have a show on Fox in every business quarter, yesterday it was announced that the award-winning British chef (and famed reality TV shouter) is heading up a new series based on the overseas program MasterChef. The concept? Amateur chefs from across the country compete to impress a panel of judges with "the perfect dish." After an initial round of try-outs (during which we'll inevitably see judges spit food out and/or make hilarious retching noises), a group of finalists will attempt a series of team-based or individual challenges in order to stay in the game to the end. The winner gets… well, that's still being worked out. Also being worked out? Ramsay's ultimate role in the series, and when it will begin. But before you know it, MasterChef will join Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares (both returning in 2010) and Cook Along With Gordon Ramsay (a one-off special airing in December) as Fox officially becomes The Donkey Network.