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GOP HealthPlan is today’s most depressingly funny 404

(Photo: Mark Reinstein/Getty Images)

We’re getting closer to the day when Donald Trump and his Congressional allies will finally manage to act on their long-cherished promises to kill theAffordable Care Act—a.k.a. ObamaCare—and replace it with…What? Something, certainly. Something, hopefully. Something?

The hidden nature of the GOP’s replacement plan has become the subject of mockery over the last few weeks, with the latest manifestation being a new site, www.gophealthplan.com, poking at its hard-to-find nature. It’s really just a quick, dumb joke—and a phone number to call your representatives, in case the reminder that we’re hurtling into the void gets your ire up—but what can we say? We’re addicts for a good 404 Not Found joke. We’d get treatment for it, but we’re not sure how much longer our insurance is going to hold out.


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