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Goose, the cat from Captain Marvel, is the star of a new, very nice meme

Photo: Waring Abbott (Getty Images)

The writers, director, producers, and publicists behind Captain Marvel have done a lot of work to position their new movie as the story of a superpowered human being. Despite their best efforts, though, the internet understands that, really, everything in the film unrelated to its most notable character, an alien cat named Goose, is just background noise.

Perhaps because Goose’s background story is so interesting and her onscreen presence so captivating—or, perhaps, because she’s a cat—the world has gathered to pay her the tribute she’s due. In a piece on Goose by The Ringer’s Miles Surrey, we learn that she was apparently such a robust, multifaceted character that her role had to be filled by four different cats, including the one shown below attending the movie’s premiere in formal dress. We also learn that Goose is an alien called a “Flerken,” which is a name stupid enough to wrap back around itself into hilarity.


That said, the latest form of Goose celebration is inspired not by the creature’s alien origins or the feline actors who played her on screen, but the fuzzball’s resemblance to regular old house cats.

Inspired by this very striking movie poster, a South Korean Twitter hashtag has been created in order to help facilitate people Photoshopping their own cats into Goose’s superheroic promo image.


There isn’t much to expand on here: the meme is just simple and wholesome (even when it’s spun off into strange variations). It celebrates both Goose The Cat, a striking new addition to the so-called Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the unsung heroes (antiheroes?) of our own lives. It’s nice, and isn’t that nice?


Still, with so much fervor building around this moment, it’s important to note that Goose has commanded global attention before, sparking requests for a solo movie, free of boring humans. Now that Captain Marvel has actually been out for a minute and the world is more familiar with Goose, it’s time to repeat that request and state, once again, that the time is right to give audiences the multi-million-dollar budgeted superhero cat movie we so clearly need in our lives.


[via Mashable]

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