The Goonies

Imagine buying a house, fixing it up, investing money, time, and love into it, only for the city of Astoria, Oregon to encourage hundreds of thousands of people to stand in front of it. That’s almost exactly what a sign near the house featured in The Goonies says after its current owner got fed up with people showing up to shake their fat naked bellies on her front lawn.

More than 30 years after Chunk famously did the “truffle shuffle” in front of the house, city officials said roughly 1,500 people were still showing up to visit it every day. The unnamed owner apparently mentioned she was generally fine with the nostalgia-fueled foot traffic, but “drew the line at beer bottles and cigarette butts being left outside and dogs urinating on her lawn.” The property is now covered with blue tarps and signs insisting that people leave the premises. Visiting parties interested in shaking their bare midsections at a house will now have to take their shuffling elsewhere.


It’s unclear whether the long-rumored Goonies sequel would be granted special access to the house if greenlit. But maybe if director and producer Richard Donner did a personal rendition of the “Truffle Butter Shuffle,” the homeowner would have no choice but to relent.