(Photo: Getty Images/IP3, Christophe Morin)

The last few days have been pretty harrowing for people who believe in the basic good stuff that America is supposed to be all about, but not all of the assholes of the world are focusing their efforts on Charlottesville this weekend. As reported by Variety, Google has been forced to cancel an upcoming town hall meeting on diversity issues after a number of employees’ expressed concerns about their safety. Apparently, people on the internet had begun specifically calling out Google employees by name in attempt to scare them into not speaking up about the importance of diversity at the meeting, so rather than risk having frightened employees, the company has simply canceled the meeting completely.

This comes on the back of a stupid “anti-Google” march that a number of bored creeps were planning as a response to Google firing a misogynistic engineer who felt the need to distribute an internal memo about how and why men are better than women. For now, Google says it’s planning to hold internal meetings about how best to address the anti-diversity issue in a way “where people can feel comfortable to speak freely.”