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Goofball James Woods rushed the stage during Patton Oswalt’s WGA Awards intro

(Photo: Getty Images For WGAw, Charley Gallay)

Patton Oswalt introduced tonight’s Writers Guild Awards with a bunch of political jokes that mostly riffed on the impending death of the written word, but before he made any specific jokes about Donald Trump, he mentioned that he had to watch his words so he wouldn’t get “kicked to death by James Woods backstage.” Woods, who is famously good at taking things in stride, happened to be in the audience right up front, and at that point he immediately leapt to his feet and jokingly rushed the stage. From there, Woods stole Oswalt’s shoe so he could show the audience that it wasn’t a proper dress shoe and then explained that he’ll lose half of his Twitter followers by being there, which prompted Oswalt to bemoan the loss of ”all those egg avatars.”

Here’s a video of the whole thing:

As reported by Slate, Oswalt has taken to Twitter to assure everyone that the interaction was not staged, which either makes it a bit funnier or a bit scarier. It’s tough to say.


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