As we reported the other day, a small but dedicated group of Ice Cube fans was attempting to raise money to pay Goodyear to display the powerful words "Ice Cube's a pimp" on one of its famous blimps, specifically today—because today, in 1992, is when everything in that song happened. Though the people trying to crowd-fund the idea have not yet reached their goal of $25,000—the amount they expected would guilt Goodyear into sullying their dirigible with the word "pimp"—the company has officially responded with a compromise, partially spurred by Ice Cube mentioning the project to Jimmy Fallon. The blimp will fly the smoggy skies today displaying the neutered line "It's a good day." Perhaps we should read the compromise as a metaphor for Ice Cube's career arc, which will be the focus of a UCLA class I'm teaching next year called "From AKs to simply good days: Riding Along with O'Shea Jackson." [h/t to Digiday]