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Good-time principal covers Vanilla Ice, Will Smith for snow day announcements

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There are few things in life as wonderful as the snow day and, in a surprise gift from our quickly-deteriorating planet, this week has given kids throughout the country ample opportunity to cross their fingers each frigid, blizzard-wracked night in hopes of waking up to the news that learning’s just not in the cards that day. In Cary, Illinois at least, their wishes have been granted, the polar vortex sweeping in to cancel classes and, more importantly, give one high school principal the opportunity to be cool as hell.


Cary-Grove High School’s Neil Lesinski decided to announce last Sunday that his students could expect a snow day on Monday. Rather than simply send out an email or set up an automated school voicemail, Lesinski proved that he wasn’t like all those other principals by notifying everyone with a Facebook clip of him performing an “Ice, Ice Baby” parody.

We implore you to take the time to stop (collaborate) and listen as Lesinski performs a set of verses that transform Vanilla Ice’s original lines into prize-winning dad joke material like, “Will it ever stop? Yo, I don’t know. Turn on some Netflix and binge a show.”


“Man, what will you do with your day?” he asks, “I’m bettin’ with a friend some Fortnite you’ll play.” Knowing exactly what he’s done, Lesinski, his two children in his arms, can barely keep from laughing as the video ends.

Fortunately for him, the week provided even further chances to flex his newfound parody muscles. With the cold and snow refusing to let up, Lesinski returned to announce the incredible bounty of snow days, plural, with a Will Smith cover entitled, as you’d expect, “Gettin’ Icy Wit It.”

This time, Lesinski’s lyrics urge students to “sleep in, turn on Hulu and binge” as his children adorably bop along, too young at this point to be as thoroughly embarrassed as us jaded adults—who, ugh, still have to work—would be in the presence of our rapping parents.


Lesinski says students will be back to school on Friday in the most recent clip, but, given how brutal the weather’s been—and how much fun he’s been having with these parodies—he and his students are probably both hoping for more announcements to come.

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