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Good news: Beyoncé and JAY-Z's latest is now on Spotify, Apple Music

Screenshot: YouTube

So, you’ve tried a dozen different variations on beyandjay12345@gmail.com and they’ve all been claimed by your fellow Beyoncé fans also on their third free trial? Well, then, we’ve got good news: Assuming you subscribe to another subscription music service, you don’t have to get Tidal to hear the new Beyoncé and Jay-Z joint album released over the weekend.

As of this morning, Everything Is Love is available on Apple Music, Spotify Premium (sorry, free users), Amazon, Pandora, and iTunes. As Variety points out, this is news in that it’s a departure from Beyoncé’s Lemonade, which as of this writing is still only available on iTunes and Tidal. We’ve embedded the Spotify link below, along with the typically lavish and visually stunning music video for “Apes**t,” but a note when searching on other services: The album is listed under the artist name “The Carters.”


Renting out the Louvre, meanwhile, remains outside the realm of possibility for those of us who are neither world-famous nor billionaires.

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