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Ever since its title—the off-model-while-still-technically-containing-the-names-of-its-stars WandaVisionwas announced, we knew that Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany’s little corner of the Disney+ MCU TV universe was going to be kind of strange. (It doesn’t help that one of its main characters is, uh, dead, and without any Endgame time travel shenanigans to help explain him coming back to life.) Now, per the coverage of this weekend’s D23 expo, we’ve finally gotten news that WandaVision is going to be exactly as fucking weird as it always sounded, being described as “half classic sitcom, half MCU spectacular.


Said classic sitcom elements apparently include the appearance of Kathryn Hahn, playing a Gladys Kravitz-esque nosy neighbor, along with sitcom royalty Randall Park (who previously showed up in Ant Man And The Wasp) and, for some reason, Kat Dennings, reprising her role from the Thor films. In other words, it sounds bonkers, and while we’re pretty sure things will inevitably take a turn for the dark at some point—the easy money is on this being Wanda’s way of using her reality-warping powers to process Vision’s Thanos-inflicted death—there’s likely to be a whole lot of bad punning and Bewitched-riffing action along the way.

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