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Good news, symbiotes and hosts: Tom Hardy signed on for several Venom sequels

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

With modern Hollywood’s famous aversion to sequels and reboots, it can be frustrating for fans of a movie to be left wondering if they’ll ever get more of the thing they like. Luckily, the Venom fans who watched the first trailer millions of times and who told everyone about how horny they are for Tom Hardy’s eponymous monster man have nothing to worry about, because Hardy has confirmed to Total Film magazine that he’s signed on for three Venom sequels. He says it’s an “open case” and that it will depend on how audiences react to it—as in, whether or not it makes a good amount of money—but he says Sony designed Venom to be a “standalone universe” that it can build new things off of in the future.

That doesn’t mean Sony is already committed to making a bunch of Venom movies (maybe with a Carnage spin-off and Agent Venom reboot?), but it’s laying the groundwork for the Venom series to expand at some point. Of course, making sure an actor signs on to multiple sequels for a movie like this is pretty common, what with Alden Ehrenreich signing on for more than one Solo movie, so this doesn’t really mean anything beyond Sony hoping that Venom will be a massive hit and Hardy’s Eddie Brock possibly sticking around for a while.


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