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Good news: Spider-Man's a billionaire now

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If there’s one aspect of classic web-slinging mythology that the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies—what with their fancy European vacations and benevolent uber-rich benefactors—have moved away from, it’s the idea of Peter Parker: Perpetually Poor Crime-Fighter. Old-school Spider-Man comics are as much about Pete’s efforts to make rent as stop, say, Electro from destroying the Eastern seaboard, and so it can be a little weird to see the MCU’s version of the character operating as the clearly comfortable, unofficial scion to one of the world’s biggest tech masterminds.


But hey, maybe that’s exactly what people want to see, because Spider-Man is now a billionaire, folks. Which is to say, this summer’s Far From Home has just become the first Spidey movie—and only the second Sony movie ever, as it happens—to break the billion-dollar box-office mark, cracking the limit this week. The news comes just as Disney’s Avengers: Endgame, which also features Holland’s charming superpowered dork, surpassed its own milestone, beating Avatar to become the biggest box office performer of all time.

Far From Home’s place in the MCU presumably helped it rise to the billionaire club ranks, since this is usually Disney-only territory. (The last non-mouse film to crack it was Universal’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.) The only other two entries to make the cut so far this year were the aforementioned Endgame, and the earlier Captain Marvel.