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Good news, everyone! Professor Farnsworth has been brought to life

Good news, everyone! We’ve got a very special delivery today. Via Tested, make-up and effects artist Frank Ippolito (Face/Off) is sharing his “Farnsworth Project.” The video captures the entire process of sculpting a wearable, prosthetic version of Futurama’s Professor Farnsworth.

Ippolito explains the methodology of trying to adapt a two-dimensional cartoon image into a custom prosthetic that looks real and can be worn. A sculpted bust emerges that balances the distinctiveness of Farnsworth’s appearance with some delightfully off-putting realism.


More time-lapse photography documents prosthetics being applied to Ippolito’s friend, actor Chuck Lines. Finally the finished Professor Farnsworth greets Tested stage show audience members… probably by ordering them to complete a variety of highly dangerous and unnecessary intergalactic deliveries.


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