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Good news, everyone: Dennis Miller says he's "not mad for politics"

Talk show host and comedian Dennis Miller has become something like the American right’s leading comic in recent years. Nevertheless it turns out that the frequent Fox News guest—who used to have a segment called “Miller Time” where he made hilarious jokes about stuff like “doing pot” and global warming with Bill O’Reilly—doesn’t really consider himself “political.” During an appearance on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! Miller talked about being a conservative comedian and mentioned that he “[makes] jokes off politics” but that “left to my own devices, I’m not mad for politics quite frankly.”

Apparently, even his appearances with Bill O’Reilly were just work—“a place where I hung my hat.” When Kimmel presses him further, mentioning that Miller’s perceived as a conservative comedian (something that his constant tweets supporting right wing politics sort of imply), his guest explains that he’s as “socially liberal as anybody,” he is just weirdly outraged by Nancy Pelosi. The apparently apolitical comedian then talks some amorphous “both sides” stuff about how liberals and conservatives alike can be either good or bad depending on the situation.

It’s all very enlightening, but does raise the question: if Miller had his way and the world truly would let him stop talking about politics, who else would provide us with gems like these?


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