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Good morning; here is Lady Gaga vomiting on stage as a brilliant subversion of the "vomiting pop star" trend

Forever seeking ways in which to recontextualize pop as performance art, Lady Gaga closely studied the semiotics of Justin Bieber's instantly iconic barf last week, then regurgitated his regurgitation while onstage in Barcelona as a clever commentary on the incorporation of "accidents" into the prefabricated spontaneity of shows. Gaga's own gagging seemed to be pinkish in hue (likely an ironic nod to the expectations imposed by gender), though it was notably more prodigious in volume, with the performer, as always, making good on her determination to never be outdone by ralphing three times in a row. And with her backing dancer—and, most impressively, her singing—never breaking stride, Gaga even works her upchucking into her choreography, knowingly revealing the vomit to be just another part of the pretense that is the pop star's stock in trade, and elevating musical hurling to high art, as always. Expect to see Gaga's brilliant meta-barf derivatively referenced by Ke$ha within the week.  [via Vulture]

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