Photo: Paula Lobo (Getty Images)

Offering up what’s basically the morning chat equivalent of McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast, ABC has announced that you’ll no longer have to DVR your dose of amiable morning banter if you can’t manage to drag your ass out of bed by noon. Per Variety, the network is extending its Good Morning America—the top-rated talk show on daytime TV—into a third hour of chipper conversation, set to air at 1 in the afternoon. The news comes at the expense of the now-canceled cooking-chat series The Chew—which was recently forced to deal with accusations of sexual harassment against former co-host Mario Batali—and also anybody who was hoping to get themselves out of the house before lunch.

Unlike the show’s parent series, which runs live from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. most weekday mornings, this extra hour of GMA will be taped (just like it was in 2012, when the network last tried this little trick). Good Morning America has been getting aggressive in its efforts to push and rebrand itself in recent months; its primary rival, NBC’s Today, has seen a resurgence of interest from viewers after the abrupt firing of its own former host, Matt Lauer, on sexual harassment allegations late last year.