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Good Morning America reporter provides latest proof that nobody's wearing pants anymore

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Work rules are different under quarantine. With no asshole boss hovering over your shoulder (at least physically), the world’s employees are now free to more fully express themselves. Those willing to truly take advantage of this moment in time understand that this means, at long last, we can fulfill very specific workplace fantasies—like, in the case of reporter Will Reeve, showing up to our jobs at Good Morning America without wearing pants.

Reeve, who we should mention is one of Christopher Reeve’s sons, appeared in an outfit that can only be described as “Mid-Transformation Superman” this morning, ready to talk about the use of drones by pharmacies in little shorts and a jacket. It wasn’t long before his sartorial choice was screencapped and tweeted out by Adam Graham.


While we reject Graham’s suggestion that Reeve “put some pants on” (if there’s ever a time to appear on television in a suit jacket, collared shirt, and tiny shorts, this is it), his tweet did prompt a hasty clarification from a reporter eager to assure everyone that he was, in fact, wearing more than just underwear.

Reeve’s social media responses so far have been as abashed as you’d expect from someone literally caught with their pants down. In one instance, he blames himself for being his “own camera operator” while working from home ...


... and in another, just sort of publicly laments that he’s accidentally become the face of work from home fashion.


From our perspective, there’s no real reason for Reeve to feel embarrassed. Aside from being only partially dressed, he does a solid, professional job reporting the story at hand. If he can still do his work well without any pants on, why, we bet all of us could. Maybe this isn’t just a funny mistake. Maybe Reeve is just the style icon brave enough to usher in the beginning of the new era in workplace attire that months in quarantine are bound to create.

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