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Building on a recent campaign promoting the fact that Tom Hanks is cool, Tom Hanks said "fuck" on today's Good Morning America, just like all the cool kids do. Hanks was speaking with host Elizabeth Vargas about one of his many characters in Cloud Atlas, when Vargas—a good minister's daughter who just can't help herself from playing with bad boys—asked him to talk in that accent. Even though Hanks warned her up front, "mostly it's swear words," Vargas asked him to oblige anyway, clearly giddy with the thrill of disobeying her daddy's rules.


And so Hanks did, detonating a F-bomb and backing out with a quick apology, in case Vargas suddenly felt like tattlin' to the FCC, a devilish glint in his eye as he insisted next time they should put him on a 7-second delay if they're going to have Tom "Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates, So Fuck You" Hanks in their little sewing circle here. The crimson-cheeked maidens of ABC later issued a statement officially apologizing, while Vargas' own flushed complexion confirmed she'd never felt more alive.

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