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Good Girls and its great cast renewed for third season at NBC

Photo: Danielle Levitt (NBC)

It’s been a minute since we last checked in on Good Girls, NBC’s current contribution to the “Regular folks can be violent, dangerous criminals, too!” sub-genre of crime shows. Starring a trio of absolute ringers—Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman, and Parks And Recs favorite Retta—the series has spent the last two seasons exploring territory previously covered by shows like Weeds and Breaking Bad, presenting hopefully-compelling reasons that this set of regular working moms might decide to start robbing grocery stores and threatening to pop caps in various people’s asses.

Now NBC has decreed that these increasingly complicated ass-capping shenanigans will continue on for another year, with Variety reporting that the series has just been picked up for a third season, even as it continues to wind its way through its second. That’s despite the fact that the series has shed roughly half its viewers in between its first and second seasons; still, the network is still maintaining faith that a cast that good might be able to eke something a little more successful out of its suburban criminal drama.


Good Girls wraps up its second season on April 28.

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