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Good Eats is almost back, and this trailer is looking as gloriously goofy as ever

For many people—and especially those now forced to wade through a Food Network line-up over-leavened with cooking competitions, frosted tips, and the endless effort to defeat notorious grill monster Bobby Flay—there were few food shows more entertaining (or informative) than Alton Brown’s Good Eats. Fast-paced, conversational, and often gloriously stupid, Brown’s show taught cooking the way Beakman’s World taught science: Engagingly, and with as many doofy costumes as possible.


So, it is with great joy that we share the above trailer for the upcoming Good Eats revival project, which is set to return to Food Network on August 25. Brown may have lost some of his hair, but he doesn’t appear to have lost a step, and, from the iconic theme music, to the various dopey Monty Python references and inside-the-fridge camera angles, the show looks just as energetic as ever. (Plus, hey: The Lady Of The Refrigerator is back!)

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