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Good dog chills on roof

Credit: @starstrickenSF on Twitter

One of the few remaining joys left in this godforsaken world is witnessing a good dog being good. Whether they’re rolling over for a sweet belly rub or plopping their butt down on a street corner waiting for the light to change, good dogs of all shapes and sizes deserve international recognition and praise. But sometimes a dog goes above and beyond the call of duty, performing acts well outside the realm of your average pet. In short, some dogs strive for greatness. Huckleberry the golden retriever from Austin, Texas is one such dog.


“Don’t be alarmed! Huckleberry is living up to his name and learned how to jump onto our roof from the backyard,” write Huck’s owners in a note they presumably put up after the 500th panicked passerby knocked on their door. “We know he’s up there!” There’s no explanation of how this 5-year-old pup actually gets on top of a house, but one would assume it’s through sheer force of will. It’s also unclear what exactly he does once he’s up there, but, judging from his big mugging grin, he’s having a hell of time.

Knowing how interested people would be in their very good dog, Huckleberry’s owners have provided him with his own hashtag, #hucktheroofdog, so fans can come together to celebrate his achievement. But Huck himself clearly has no desire for fame. He just wants to get up on his roof, survey his kingdom, and contemplate the heck out of all the good choices he’s made in his good dog life.

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