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Good dad out here building Transformers with his son

Screenshot: How a Father-Son Duo Turns Trash into Transformers

Father’s day is almost here, which means it’s almost time to have that heartfelt five-minute phone call with your dad during which you ask him how he likes the present you sent, he says fine, and then hands the phone to your mom. It’s a truly fulfilling annual experience that’s cherished by fathers and their children alike. And yet, there are some parent-child duos out there who are looking to one-up everyone else by taking their relationship to a whole new, kick-ass robot-building level.

Yu Zhilin and his son Yu Lingyun have been making incredible scrap metal sculptures in their home of Hunan, China for nearly a decade. Having no real experience with sculpture making, they began by building models of Transformers out of old car parts, some as tall as 50 feet. They’ve since moved on to doing their own custom designs, including giant metal trash birds.


“Working together has been beneficial to our relationship as father and son,” said Yu Zhilin, really rubbing it in the face of every father and son out there who never even built a single Transformer together. “It makes me happy that my son helps me. I want to raise him so that he will be even better than me.” Here’s hoping these two continue making impressive works of art for years to come, and the rest of the world’s children figure out how to not be major disappointments.

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