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Proving that even rivals facing off on opposite sides of the Sith-Jedi divide can come together in the name of the one true unifying Force in the universe—dogs—Star Wars co-stars Adam Driver and Mark Hamill teamed up to help rescue a canine companion earlier this week. Specifically, the two collaborated on the rescue of Javelot, a 9-year-old pupper owned by Leos Carax, Driver’s current director on the Marion Cotillard musical Annette.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, efforts began when Driver filmed a video of himself in a park in Brussels, begging viewers to help him and the rest of the movie’s crew locate the missing pooch. “We will put you in the movie. We’ll give you chocolate. We’ll christen your child. We’ll do anything as a way of saying thank you,” he promises in the clip. (Note: We are legally obligated to remind you that there are easier ways to acquire chocolate than kidnapping and returning Adam Driver’s dog.)


Driver—a social media neophyte—then turned to his old master for a little help in getting the word out. Hamill dutifully tweeted out Driver’s plea to the 3.3 million people who follow him, one of whom spotted Javelot at a train station, and pup and master were reunited through the unifying and awe-inspiring power of famous. It’s one of those rare heartwarming stories that could have really only happened in the era of social media, and it’s a nice reminder that our endless connectivity to each other can bear some positive dividends, as well. (But also, we cannot emphasize this enough: Do not kidnap Adam Driver’s dog.) 

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