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Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn will write all episodes of David Fincher’s HBO series

Having seen their most recent creative relationship become a great success, Gone Girl’s David Fincher and Gillian Flynn are next set to reteam for Utopia—an HBO series that differs from the reality show of the same name, in that people want to watch it. And now there’s even greater reason to anticipate it: On the heels of Fincher saying he would direct the entire first season’s episodes, Flynn reveals that she will handle all of its scripts. “‘I don’t want a big writers room, I want a voice,’” Flynn says Fincher told her, which is why she’s confirmed to Buzzfeed’s Alison Willmore that she’ll provide that voice, while putting her own spin on the British conspiracy thriller series (even if it means delaying her next novel for a year or so). It’s an unusual marriage of a single director and single writer that most closely resembles True Detective—and one so difficult to maintain, not even True Detective could keep it up. Still, as Flynn and Fincher know from Gone Girl, marriages always work out great.


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