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The First Wives Club

Although we’ll probably never get a sequel, fans of The First Wives Club might be consoled with the knowledge that the film’s stars are reportedly working on another project about a trio of estranged friends who are reunited late in life. Deadline reports that Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, and Diane Keaton, who played the charter members of the aforementioned divorcées club, have all signed on to the original Netflix movie, Divanation. (Sadly, that Hocus Pocus sequel is still just a figment of people’s imaginations.)

Hawn, Midler, and Keaton will play the members of a once-popular singing group who are forced to reconnect after 30 years apart. Their renewed friendship is strained again once they realize what made them so successful all those years ago, which almost certainly won’t turn out to be some kind of “sold their souls to the Devil” deal. The movie was co-written by Lisa Addario and Joey Syracuse, who also co-wrote 2012’s Parental Guidance, which starred Midler as an old-school grandmother (whatever that is) who struggles to babysit her grandchildren with her husband (Billy Crystal). No director or production start date has been announced, so in the interim we’ll assume Divanation is also the name of the girl group, and that Leslie Gore songs will be performed at some point.


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