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Godzilla writer to keep writing for Godzilla

As Tennessee Williams was to stories of Southerners straining against the emotional imprisonment of their families, so Max Borenstein is rapidly becoming to stories of giant monsters, straining against the emotional imprisonment of people who don’t want to be stepped on. Deadline reports that Borenstein will follow both Godzilla and the upcoming King Kong origin story Skull Island with the screenplay for Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla sequel, due June 8, 2018. As Edwards teased at Comic-Con, the next Godzilla could see the enormous lizard squaring off against any number of the monsters he’s battled over the years—Mothra, Rodan, Ghidorah, Self-Doubt, Overeating, Regret—and it will be Borenstein who will orchestrate and, most likely, delay their return for maximum impact. One can only assume that, like Tennessee Williams, Max Borenstein’s work is also informed by his own life experience, and that his parents were horrible, fire-breathing monsters.


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