When faced with the unimaginable horror of nuclear war, or a giant lizard that serves as a metaphor for nuclear war, or a sequel to a movie about a giant lizard everyone complained about then saw anyway, it’s easy to feel insignificant.

“What can I, one person, do faced with such seemingly inevitable truths as the existence of a Godzilla 2?,” you may ask. “Why, when forces beyond my comprehension dictate that I will be one of hundreds in a movie theater in a multiplex in a suburb in a city in a country on a planet in a galaxy in the infinite reaches of uncaring space, should I even bother complaining that Godzilla was barely in that movie?”


But do not succumb to despair. For although we are mere specks of dust fated to live and die without ever making an impact on the universe, Godzilla 2 won’t hit theaters until June 8, 2018—this after director Gareth Edwards finishes making his Star Wars spinoff movie. Also, Rodan, Mothra, and Gidorah will all be in the sequel, and Mothra is awesome.