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Goddard and Whedon's Cabin In The Woods taking a year off to add third dimension

Former Angel/Buffy collaborators Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard have been working together on a horror film called The Cabin In The Woods, which MGM had been planning to spring on genre fans in February of next year, in a "tease 'em but tell 'em nothing" marketing campaign similar to the one that worked so well for the Goddard-penned Cloverfield. But plans change. According to various horror news sites, MGM sees the potential for Cabin to be a smash hit, not just a guerilla success, so they're spending the money to convert the movie to 3D. The bad news? The process will add almost a year to the production schedule. Of course if you're one of those nutjobs who doesn't care for 3D, this is all bad news. Either wway, look for the movie in January of 2011. Save the date!


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