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Goddamn, people really love Drake

Photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

It’s not even autumn yet, but Spotify is ready to declare a winner in the contentious battle for Song Of The Summer. According to Spotify’s data, Drake’s “In My Feelings” was by far the most-streamed song of the last few months, with Spotify users streaming it 393 million times between June and August. That’s clearly a huge number, and it’s probably why there’s no need to wait until the end of the month to decide what the Song Of The Summer is.

Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” (featuring Cardi B) came in at a distant second with a pathetic 293 million streams, followed closely by Cardi B’s own “I Like It” at 289 million. One could argue that Cardi B then had 582 million streams across those two tracks, making her the biggest star of the summer, but that’s not really how this works.


Earlier this year, Drake’s new album Scorpion trashed Spotify’s streaming records, with all of mankind spending a total of 882 years listening to Drake songs in the first week it was released. In fact, Drake was so popular on Spotify this summer that angry users of the streaming platform tried to get refunds for having to put up with so much Drake.

In the end, though, all that matters is that Drake is still extremely popular and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. (But also Cardi B is very popular as well.)

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