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Goddamn it, they made a “smart” salt shaker called Smalt

Screenshot: Mysmalt.com

Soon everything will have a Bluetooth connection. Towels, bricks, your skull—everything. Don’t believe it? Just look at the Smalt. It’s a salt shaker with Bluetooth. It’s a salt shaker that wirelessly plays music and is also a light. To be clear, you’re still shaking the salt out. You’re just listening to Paul McCartney and squinting through a suffused neon glow as you’re doing it. Also, it’s called Smalt, which sounds like the name of a character Josh Gad will play someday.

The Smalt website markets itself as a “centerpiece” that “set[s] the right ambiance” to “add fun, flair or romance” to meals “indoors or outdoors.” One of the Smalt’s actual selling points is that it provides a “fun, interactive way to shake salt,” which causes one to ask when the process of shaking salt stopped being fun and interactive.


It’s a hit online for the same people who had a field day hating the Juicero.

Here’s hoping if things go sour they come up with a better defense than the Juicero CEO, at least.

[via New York Magazine]


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