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God help us all, DMB is offering party buses with bathrooms

(Photo: Imgur.com/sosacyprian)

Not content to simply shit on Chicago, Dave Matthews Band is now preparing to shit all over the Big Apple as Consequence Of Sound reports on a party bus company that is offering to shuttle puka shell-and-khaki short clad DMB fanatics from the Hammersmith Ballroom in Manhattan to shows in New Jersey and Long Island for $55 a pop. Once on the bus, these hippie bros can recirculate their own Tom’s of Maine-scented B.O. in air-conditioned comfort while slamming entire cases of Coors Light and yelling “DAAAAAAVE” at each other, all the better to fill the toilets on the bus with bodily fluids that can then be dumped all over Kramer and any other foolhardy souls brave enough to swim in the waterways of New York City that day.


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