Photo: Subtle Dildo / Instagram

As children, we spent hours delighting ourselves in pursuit of Waldo, the red-and-white-striped lad who liked to hide amongst the masses. As adults, we have no such pleasure, unless you count the challenge of finding our house keys buried within the detritus of our apartments.

That’s where Subtle Dildo comes in. The Instagram account tasks eagle eyes (aged 18 and up, of course) with finding the huge rubber schlong hidden in pictures that are every bit as playful as those of Waldo. Take a look at some examples below.


A surprising amount of effort goes into the staging of each photo, with full narratives portrayed to pore over—again, much like the Waldo images of yore—with the dildo surreptitiously hidden in the place you’d least expect. The fleshy color sure makes things tricky, also.

[via Bored Panda]