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Go to the Upside Down with this Stranger Things mixtape

Image: Netflix

Stranger Things has become a pop culture phenomenon this summer, with many viewers wrapped up in the tale of the weird goings on at Hawkins, Indiana in 1983. People have taken to consuming all the various references made in the show; from the fonts of the main titles, to the various films it touches on, even extending to the music that the Duffer brothers used in their Netflix show. And as fans anxiously await more news about an official soundtrack being released by Lakeshore Records, many people have come to the rescue of those in need of an audial fix for their summer binge fascination. First was a Spotify playlist that used music from the show, and now comes a mixtape that uses music from the show as well as music inspired by the show.


Compiled and composed by DJ Yoda, the mixtape features an eclectic group of ’80s staples, synthwave newbies, dialogue from the show, and other music that either inspired the show or inspired by DJ Yoda’s experience watching it. The songs include works by John Carpenter (including his main title themes from both Escape From New York and Assault On Precinct 13), Toto, Dolly Parton, Tangerine Dream, tracks from A Nightmare On Elm Street, Corey Hart, and other suitable sonic bites that will help viewers stave off their need to dwell a bit longer in the Upside Down of Hawkins. It runs a bit under an hour and is a good excuse to delve back into the nostalgic weirdness of Stranger Things, if only in one’s headphones.

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