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Go on, give your data to this creepy company from the new Westworld teaser, it'll probably be fine

Although HBO’s sci-fi opus Westworldreturning for its third season some time early next year—has only ever given us occasional glimpses at life outside the park, it certainly doesn’t appear to be a particularly pleasant place to live. Sure, it’s possible that only one of the gigantic corporations who seem to control everything in the show’s far-future world is owned and operated by a sociopathic would-be supervillain (or two, depending on your views on Anthony Hopkins’ Robert Ford), but it kind of seems likely that there are plenty more Men In Black lurking at the back of each and every one of its looming megacorps.


Take Liam Dempsey Sr., CEO of Incite, Inc., a definitely-a-human-being who would really like your data, please? Give him your data. Your data is so delicious for his obviously not a robot brain.

Played by Jefferson Mays in the above teaser for Westworld season 3, Dempsey gives a smooth sales pitch for a company that apparently collects people’s data and craps out answers, which is definitely not a terrifying proposition rife with opportunities for wide-scale population control. And if you’d like to put your faith in the big companies where your mouth is, you’re in luck: Incite also has a web site, where you can input your email address (mmmmm, data) in order to get updates on the company’s products, whatever they end up being.

And really: What could possibly go wrong?