Proving that landing the role of Batman hasn't gone to his head and Ben Affleck still has time for his old friends—at least, the ones who are also big movie stars—Affleck and old chum Matt Damon are teaming up again, this time for charity. The two are offering a "best friend double date" to one lucky winner who makes a donation of $10 or greater to one of two charities, via fundraising website Omaze.

Affleck's charity of choice is the Eastern Congo Initative, while Damon is supporting The date in question involves a "super secret, super cool Hollywood event," involving "other fancy celebs and athletes." For those of us who—let's face it,—aren't going to win, we still get to watch this video of the two actors tossing barbs back and forth about who was nominated for more Oscars, and whose eye twitches when he hears the word "Gigli."