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Go Old West, young readers, with the new video from Valley Lodge

Though the group’s frontman, Dave Hill, has made a name for himself as an author, comedian, and radio host, Valley Lodge is the real rock and roll deal. The New York band has toured Japan, played with Triumph The Insult Comic Dog at Bonnaroo, and had tunes appear in numerous commercials. The band’s third record, Use Your Weapons, is out now, and attempts to meld together the sounds of T. Rex, Cheap Trick, and Michael Jackson.

The band’s new clip for “Kiss Me, I’m Drunk”—directed by Tim Fornara—is below, and follows group members Hill and Phil Costello as they voyage into the Old West and rumble with comedian Rich Fulcher. The clip’s got everything, including duels to the death, rinky-dink saloons, and a classic love story. It’s all set to a pretty rockin’ tune, making the whole thing that much better.


KMID from KobiyoshiViewing on Vimeo.

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