Last night’s episode of Community, featuring Donald Glover’s final appearance as Troy Barnes, was emotional for everyone involved with the show. Perhaps recognizing the special distinction, episode writer Tim Saccardo decided to tweet out 24 behind-the-scenes photos from production, covering brainstorming sessions with the writing staff, pre-production models, and shooting on set. There’s even a peek at unused Hot Lava game moves, and a cut Magnitude joke, revealing that yes, the character does in fact have a different name, in addition to being British just like actor Luke Youngblood. Though it looked tough for the cast to say goodbye to Donald Glover, the episode did put Jonathan Banks in a battering ram vehicle made out of lockers and desks nicknamed The Juggernaut. From Saccardo’s pictures, it looks like “Geothermal Escapism” was a bittersweet blast all the way through.