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Gnarwhal prove duos have more fun on “That’s Not Of Course”

Gnarwhal was never meant to be a two-piece. In fact, as guitarist-vocalist Chappy Hull recently told Stereogum, it originally wasn’t. But when half the band quit right before a tour Hull and drummer Tyler Coburn soldiered on, working out songs until they were able to carry the weight on their own. To date, the group has released a bevy of splits and EPs and is now releasing its first full-length as a duo, Shinerboy, on June 23 via Flannel Gurl Records. The A.V. Club is premiering one of the album’s knotty tracks, “That’s Not Of Course,” below. The song shows just how much noise the pair can make, with Hull’s prog-punk riffs pushed to warp speed with Coburn’s manic drumming.

Listen to ”That’s Not Of Course” below and pre-order Shinerboy right here, with cassettes available through Exploding In Sound.


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