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Solutions, Silence, Or Affirmations by Brooklyn band BELLS≥ was one of 2013’s great under-the-radar albums, a collection of seven intricate, instrumental songs that employed elements of post-rock, math rock, post-hardcore, indie rock, and more without quite fitting any of those labels. Just after Christmas, the band released a video for “No More Water,” directed by Michael Fodera. The people opening containers with glowing stuff in them recalls Pulp Fiction at first, but Fodera says he was trying to illustrate things that “weigh us down and yet we hold onto them, out of sentimentality, out of anger or guilt.” So there’s no need for elaborate speculation about what it all means, except maybe why BELLS≥ drummer extraordinaire Zach Barocas (of Jawbox fame) is playing standing up these days.


"No More Water" by BELLS≥ from LUNARCY PICTURES on Vimeo.

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