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Gloriously dumb video has Obama dunking on Trump, rapping Drake’s “Back To Back”

Screenshot: YouTube

The NBA2K series specializes in wish fulfillment. Its create-a-player mode allows you to watch somebody who looks like you turn into the most statistically astonishing player the game has ever seen. There’s been a model for former President Barack Obama in NBA2K for years, thanks to a cut scene that had your create-a-player meeting him after winning the championship. So it was only a matter of time before someone put together a video of our jump-shooter-in-chief dunking all over our current, meatloaf-loving schlub of a president, who actually does not believe in exercise. Please enjoy a video of the ensuing chaos, but mostly, please enjoy the creator’s remarkable impression of Obama rapping a full cover of Drake’s “Back To Back”:

While the video itself is impressive, and probably a fair prediction of what a game of hoops would be like between presidents 44 and 45, the corny cadences of Obama rapping are even more lifelike. The two-minute video, by Shady00018, manages to create a full verse paralleling Drake’s infamous Meek Mill diss. “You getting bodied by a left-winger!” Obama shouts, fulfilling for most viewers a wish that feels despairingly out-of-reach in 2017.


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