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Gloria Steinem is going to be on The Good Wife

CBS announced today that feminist icon Gloria Steinem will make a cameo appearance on The Good Wife, where presumably she’ll have some kind of light conversation with Alicia Florrick and we’ll all implode from the sheer perfection. Steinem’s cameo will be in the third episode of the upcoming sixth season, which premieres this Sunday. By showing up on The Good Wife, Steinem joins the hallowed ranks of Donna Brazile, Michael Bloomberg, Bill DeBlasio, and Bill Maher, all of whom have all done turns on the CBS drama.

Julianna Margulies, who stars as Alicia, told Live! With Kelly And Michael that she fangirled pretty hard when filming with Steinem. “I made a fool of myself and then had to email her and had to apologize,” she said, confirming that Margulies is just like all the rest of us, except with exponentially better wigs. Check out the segment below.


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