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Glocca Morra proffers its own eulogy with 2 final songs

The lifespan of D.I.Y. punk bands is notoriously short. Bands form, release albums, tour voraciously, and then disappear just as quickly. Philadelphia’s Glocca Morra bucked that trend by slowly bringing things to a halt over the course of two years. The band played shows intermittently during that time, but new music—and a full-fledged tour—always seemed out of the question. The band recently broke its silence and announced a short farewell tour, and now it’s giving its own eulogy with the release of a final, two-song 7-inch on Ice Age Records. The A.V. Club is streaming the last two Glocca Morra songs right now, with physical copies available through Ice Age’s store. It’s a farewell that’s made all the more bittersweet since the two songs show Glocca Morra hadn’t flamed out. If anything, the group was still in its prime.


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