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Glitched Mass Effect characters head to outer space

Photo: U/Ser_Dovahkiin1

Mass Effect: Andromeda, the latest and seemingly not greatest in Bioware’s series of mild-mannered yet desperately horny RPGs, has problems. So many problems that you can barely complain about one issue, like item containers having no consistent appearance, before you’re distracted by another, like a shuttle landing on your head and pushing you down through the planet’s crust.

A feature last seen in 2015’s Helldivers (Photo: U/Tigref)

But as our own Matt Gerardi pointed out in his review, the game is also a rare spectacle for fans of broken things. Its borked NPC animations and protracted cutscene glitches are a treasury of mirth that cannot be emptied. And though the internet’s truffle hogs quickly rooted through prerelease footage and dug up the most pungent memes, even weirder stuff is being unearthed now that the full game is out.

Photo: U/Laezio

Andromeda lacks dickish dialogue options to upset your party members with, but its glitches do grant an apparently common wish: to eject those annoying crewmates into space. This GIF from Reddit user Laezio, featuring startling asari adventurer PeeBee, is so odd that it’s hard to believe it happened in-game. But Andromeda gets odder.

Just ask Liam, the Londoner who loves beers, saying “goddamn brilliant,” and the airless void of deep space (original here):


Image: U/Ser_Dovahkiin1

Like all the great glitches, this one has a tragic element, as Liam turns back to give the player a look of silent reproach before jumping into the abyss. Does he blame us for Mass Effect: Andromeda?


Image: AdmiralBahroo

Here Liam opts to Space Ghost-out through the top of the ship to avoid speaking to Twitch streamer AdmiralBahroo.


After watching all these haunting GIFs, there’s no shame in needing a stiff drink.

Image: Something Awful/Marshmallow Creep


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