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Glenn Howerton to play a mayoral candidate on House Of Lies

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Bumping up our list of possible reasons to watch Showtime’s House Of Lies to a staggering “two” (right up underneath “Kristen Bell: still pretty charming”), It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphias Glenn Howerton will have a recurring role on the fifth season of the long-running show. Jumping from mean-spirited comedy to mean-spirited dramedy, Howerton will be lending his dead-eyed charisma to the role of Seth Buckley, a mayoral candidate who seeks advice from Ben Schwartz’s slimy spin doctor Clyde. (Audiences will presumably be asked to suspend their disbelief at the idea that the inventor of the D.E.N.N.I.S. System might need advice in profitable deception from Jean-Ralphio, of all people.)

Howerton’s been making the TV rounds over the last few years. Besides Sunny—on which he writes, produces, and stars—he’s recently had recurring roles on Fargo and The Mindy Project, and occasionally lends his voice to some of Seth MacFarlane’s shows. Given the fleeting nature of success in the world of House Of Lies, it doesn’t seem likely that his character’s run for office will end in anything but humiliation and a few deeply cynical jokes, but we’re pretty sure Howerton will be okay. After all, he’s a god. The golden god.


[via The Wrap]

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