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Glenn Danzig is apparently directing a "vampire spaghetti Western"

Photo: Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

Glenn Danzig has occasionally flirted with becoming a filmmaker, with his line of spooky sex comics, Verotik, getting a movie deal last year (not to mention his acting roles in Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Portlandia!), but a recent Facebook post suggests that Danzig is about to direct a real feature film. According to whoever runs his Facebook page—it’s probably not him, since the post refers to him as “Mr. Danzig”—Mr. Danzig is putting the “finishing touches” on a movie script that is being billed as a “vampire spaghetti Western.” It also says that casting will be starting soon, but that’s all we know.


Still, “vampire spaghetti Western” is a good pitch, and it definitelly sounds like something Danzig would make. We’re not sure if it’s something he could make, as his talents as a director will go unproven until the Verotik movie comes out. The post also mentions that the Danzig Sings Elvis covers album will be released later this year, but that’s not a vampire spaghetti Western so it’s hard to care as much about that.

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