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Glenn Close’s tribute to Notre Dame foiled by Instagram

Photo: Dia Dipasupil (Getty Images)

In the wake of the destruction of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, many took to social media to share their heartbreak and remembrances of visiting the church. Deeply affected by the loss of the monument, actress Glenn Close decided to post a video to her followers in which she movingly described her visit to the cathedral in 2002 and shared a little something she wrote on that occasion. Unfortunately, the Instagram video interface had other ideas. We’d explain what happened, but, really, it’s better if you just see for yourself.


Honestly, the accidental comedic timing could not be better. There’s so much build up, so much tension and reverence, and then—whoops! Close, who apparently read her entire journal entry to a non-recording camera, took the technical screw-up in stride, saying it “just goes to show how ignorant I am about Instagram.”

She then promised to maybe post the full recording later if she can figure it out, but this is, in itself, a fitting tribute, delivering reverence, joy, and, during a time when we could all use one, a laugh.

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