Months ago, after being let go from Fox News for getting too close to the truth, Glenn Beck cried until his tears formed a bunch of little men, and then these tear-men went to web design classes at night, until they were ready to run Beck’s online-only network, GBTV. So far Beck’s foray into original programming has been limited to teaching kids that Benjamin Franklin was more than just a fat hippie-looking grandpa, proving that conservatives also recognize the basic vocal rhythms of Daily Show-style satire, and reviving television from a golden era when dames and minorities knew their place. But now Beck has laid a half-mile of chalkboards end to end and begun outlining his network’s very own animated comedy series with the help of Icebox, the production company founded by TV writers like The Simpsons’ Jon Collier (perhaps best known for the “Flying Hellfish” episode) and 24’s Howard Gordon. Their respective talents for animated tomfoolery and grim patriotism should certainly come in handy, as handy as Beck's own experience being a cartoon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Beck’s network has yet to land on a concept, probably because they keep telling them that “a family of talking 9/11s” doesn’t make any sense.