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Glenn Beck lets Tomi Lahren keep her Facebook page in settlement

(Photo: Getty Images, Lorenzo Bevilaqua)

In a happy turn of events, the bitter legal feud that has presumably rocked the conservative community has been resolved, with The Washington Post reporting that former Blaze contributor Tomi Lahren has settled her wrongful termination lawsuit against the site and its owner, Glenn Beck. Lahren had accused The Blaze of unjustly firing her after she suddenly back-pedaled on years of anti-feminist views by declaring that she’s pro-choice on an episode of The View. The Blaze disagreed with that version of events, saying she was never actually fired and that she was still under contract with the site until later this year, but since she was going around and telling everyone she got fired for her newly held beliefs, she was making the site look bad.

Now, thankfully, both sides have put an end to this fighting, with The Blaze agreeing to let her out of her contract. Lahren will even get to keep her Facebook page, which was set up by Beck’s site and maintains about 4.3 million followers. Other details beyond that have not been announced, but at least everyone can be friends again. Well, Lahren and Beck probably won’t be friends, but at least they can both continue to spout their right-wing bullshit with impunity.


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