(Photo: Getty Images, J Pat Carter)

The prolonged, tragic-ish fall of former The Blaze correspondent Tomi Lahren is now getting even more prolonged and tragic-ish, as she is now being countersued by her old employer and the site‚Äôs founder Glenn Beck for breaching her contract. Over a week ago, Lahren initially sued The Blaze for wrongful termination after she was ‚Äúbanned permanently‚ÄĚ in response to her inexplicable decision to suddenly declare that she has deeply held pro-choice beliefs‚ÄĒdespite her recently calling pro-choice activists ‚Äúbaby killers‚ÄĚ and dismissing feminism as being all about ‚Äúman-bashing and free birth control.‚ÄĚ Now, The Blaze‚Äės countersuit says that Lahren is ‚Äúsuspended but still employed, and is receiving pay and benefits,‚ÄĚ but by claiming that the site fired her over her (sudden and inexplicable) beliefs, she is ‚Äúnegatively impacting its reputation.‚ÄĚ

This all comes from Deadline, and the bit about her still being employed lines up with claims that The Blaze made back when Lahren originally filed her lawsuit. Apparently, though she is suspended, she‚Äôs still under contract until September of this year. The Blaze has already decided not to renew her contract past that point, but according to the site‚Äôs argument, that‚Äôs not the same as being fired. The countersuit also accuses Lahren of being ‚Äúdifficult to work with‚ÄĚ even before her pro-choice flip-flop, and the decision not to renew her contract is because of a whole ‚Äúseries of events.‚ÄĚ


Hopefully this works out in a way that’s beneficial for all involved, which is to say that it’d be nice if we didn’t have to hear about either Lahren or Glenn Beck ever again.